Sunday, July 10, 2005

Reinventing TV: Network TV Signs Off. Networked TV Logs On.

"The hermetically sealed world of television is about to be cracked open and rewired, transformed into an open publishing platform as a variety of new devices and services emerge to make independent video content easier - and perhaps even profitable.."

Companies covered:
Microsoft - the PC as the gateway to TV and other devices
TiVo - the TiVo as the gateway to TV, other devices and aggregated content
Akimbo Systems - the Akimbo Player as the gateway to aggregated content
TotalVid - videos for niche sports
Brightcove - marketplace for any niche video content
Gotuit Media - tagging and indexing TV
Visible World - dynamic advertising creation and delivery
Sling Media - broadcasting video content from your home to any other device

The Slingbox is a compact and elegantly designed, state-of-the-art electronic device that connects to the back of your TV. It redirects, or “placeshifts,” the TV signal from your cable box, satellite receiver, or digital video recorder (DVR) to your computer or laptop of choice, no matter your location — so long as you have a high-speed Internet connection. This utterly unique device will transform the way you watch TV. Whether you want to watch your soaps in the laundry room, or catch the big game during a conference call, or watch your local news from China, the power is now in your hands.

Socialtext -- Enterprise Social Software

Socialtext Eventspace

Socialtext Eventspace is for conference organizers who want to:
- enhance the reach of the conference beyond the place and time of the event
- improve networking and community for attendees
- provide new opportunities for sponsorship sales

Before the event
- Organizers can collaborate on developing the conference agenda and materials
- People on panels can collaborate synchronously (chat) and asynchronously (wiki) to plan the presentations.

During the event
- Attendees can share their observations with colleagues who aren't at the event by maintaining conference weblogs.
- Attendees and organizers can take meeting notes and post them instantly as resources to others
- Attendees can create bios, with photos and links, making it easier to recognize and meet new people.
- Attendees can easily gather sub-groups: interest groups at meals, rides to airports
- Speakers mention resources during their talks: sites, books, articles, weblogs. These sources can be fact-checked and organized while the speaker is talking.

After the event
- The notes, weblogs, and resources can be organized to provide a persistent record of conference proceedings
- Organizers can build and maintain a glossary of common terms
- Communities fostered at the conference can use online eventspaces to pursue offshoot projects
- Communities can hold focused online events supported by a persistent workspace.