Monday, June 27, 2005

What is blogging?

"Is blogging self-expression, personal publishing, a diary, amateur journalism, the biggest disruptive technology since e-mail, an online community, alternative media, curriculum for students, a customer relations strategy, knowledge management, navel-gazing, a solution to boredom, a dream job, a style of writing, e-mail to everyone, a fad, the answer to illiteracy, an online persona, social networking, resume fodder, phonecam pictures, or something to hide from your mother? It's all of these and more."

"A blog is a collection of digital content that, when examined over a period of time, exposes the intellectual soul of its author and authors. Blogging is the act of creating, composing, and publishing this content; and a blogger is the person behind the curtain. Part social software and part web building, blogging is peer-to-peer publishing -- the future of our connected lives."

-Biz Stone, "Who Let the Blogs Out?"

This is not all. And it is only just beginning...