Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Community Blog Catalogs: Drive More Traffic To Your Blog

Serious bloggers want readers and lots of them. If you're blogging only for family and friends as a way to stay in touch then you'll probably not want to bother with this but if that were the case you'd probably not be reading Carolina Blog Consultants.

What if you could build your own search engine and combine it with RSS as a means of driving traffic? What if I told you I've already done just that and I did it for free? What if I told you it worked.

What I'm talking about is using a blog as a data base of bloggers with alphabetical listings of all the bloggers listed there along with a search feature from Technorati, Yahoo, or another free site search. Check out to get an idea of what I'm talking about. Each blogger I list e-mails me their bio and if they like, pictures, and I post it all to the blog. Here's MyBloggingPoet411 so you'll know what it looks like. Also, there's an alphabetical listing of every blogger in the data base.

Another searchable data base I built is Blogsboro411, a listing of Bloggers from Greensboro, North Carolina and the North Carolina Piedmont Triad area.

And if that's not enough, to sweeten the pot for everyone I just put up BlogCommunity411 to catalog the catalogs. Since I've got my local blogging community and poetry bloggers already covered I thought why not catalog the catalogs to encourage others to build their own community data bases.

So there you have it, build a catalog of bloggers in your community, send an e-mail to idleblogs (AT) and I'll be more than happy to add your community catalog to BlogCommunity411 so that all of us can enjoy more traffic.

Billy Jones writes the sometimes zany poetry blog, and is the author of three books with a fourth due to be published in early 2007.