Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Science Blogging Anthology is here!

The first of its kind, phenomenal, unbelievable collection of the best science blogging in history has just been published!

Timed to coincide with the first Science Blogging Conference, this anthology of best 50 blog posts from science and medical blogs is now available for sale. You can find all the information about the book, including the blog-typical democratic process of choosing 50 best posts of all time, at this URL

I would really appreciate it if you could steer your readers towards it!

You can buy the book here.


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Blogger pedro velasquez said...

Yes! It is finally here! What you have all been waiting for, impatiently, sportsbook for three weeks! The Science Blogging Anthology is now for sale. Go to Lulu.com by clicking here (or click on the picture of the book to your right) and bet nfl place your order! You can choose to buy a PDF to download (but do you really want to print out 336 pages!?) or order the book with its pretty cover - it takes only a couple of days to arrive at your doorstep. sportsbook You can see here how it all got started, just three weeks ago, smack in the middle of the holidays when nobody was online and traffic was down to a third of the normal - and the whole thing just exploded! It was meant to coincide with the http://www.enterbet.com inaugural Science Blogging Conference

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Blogger kimberly sayer said...

North Carolina Science Blogging Conference but my attendance depends on whether I can find a ticket with a price reflective of the distance I’d actually be flying. It honestly costs as much to fly to Mexico or England as to North Carolina. I know it’s a matter of different airlines and supply/demand, but really. I fully approve of the use of an erlenmeyer flask with blue liquid as conference logo, by the way…

3:54 PM  
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