Sunday, March 19, 2006

Poets Are Taking Over The Blogosphere

Poets are taking over the Blogosphere and I'm in on the conspiracy.

At the 2005 Converge South event I was asked the question, "What do you think is going to become of the Blogosphere."

"Poets are taking over," I replied.

No one really believed me-- at least not many-- but little did they know what I already knew. You see, while the blogging political pundits have been busy fighting amongst themselves, red stating and blue stating, oblivious to all except the techie bloggers who are pretty much oblivious to everything that doesn't flash, buzz, ring aloud, or fly around the room, the artists of the Blogosphere were busy building a surprise invasion that is to be led by the poetry bloggers.

You see, few outside of highly creative circles had even heard of and most bloggers who knew of me thought me to be the only blogging poet in existence but I knew better. You see, all the while I was secretly networking with hundreds of poets, artists, musicians, photographers, and more in an effort to coordinate a series of attacks on the Blogosphere.

The battle has begun! Our first strike was to rename the Blogosphere, Poetisphere, plunging deep into the pundits lines while their techie guards were in-fact asleep at the switch.

Our next move was to surround the pundits with the World's first, full-featured online poetry aggregator, While the Poetisphere expands from the inside, the outside contines to aggregate content until the Blogosphere and it's pundits are crushed by the second wave of artists, musicians, photographers, and more.

And what about the Techies?

The Techies work for us now.




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