Monday, August 08, 2005

Share What You Know

Here’s an idea for you: Why not share what you know with those who come looking for it? Nothing establishes one as an expert faster than the ability to share your knowledge with others. Sure, there will be those who take what you know and use it to compete with you but the world will quickly figure out who’s a leader and who is simply mimicking the success of others. Besides, you’ll always be one step ahead of them if they’re spending their time trying to learn and duplicate what you already know.

Yes, it’s counter-intuitive, but it works-- especially in the Blogosphere.

At the risk of being accused of shameless self-promotion (a badge I wear with honor) I’ve started a new blog titled Billy’s Got A Brand New Blog, where I share my hard fought knowledge of advertising on the web from a publisher/blogger point of view. It’s there I’ll teach you about increasing your traffic and avoiding at least some of the pitfalls of online advertising.

Am I some kind of blogging guru or advertising expert? No, but I do have a lot of hard learned lessons that you need not repeat and welcome your questions both here and at my own blogs.


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