Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why a Carolina Blog Consultancy?

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Welcome to Carolina Blog Consultants. If you are a seasoned blogger and would like to be considered for inclusion within the consultancy, please drop us a line and/or a link to some of your best blogs.

Now, on to why a consultancy...

You may or may not know it yet, but there is a revolution afoot in the world, and it is being fueled by blogs. Not only are more and more individuals waking up to find that they are a blogger, but so are companies, newspapers, radio and TV stations, organizations, schools, local government agencies, CEOs, and yes...barber shops.

Only the quick of head get the best names

There are a host of reasons for these dynamic societal and technological advances, which you will find out, as well as a host of reasons why you should realize that blogs are today what websites were in 1994 or 5...which is to say that they are something that nearly all people and businesses will have, but only the quick of head get there first, and thus snatch up the best names.

In 1994 or 5, one was able to secure a name like "" or "", while slower competitors, years later, would wind up with names like ""... or worse..."", where you would have to through the extra work of also saying "get is spelled with an 'i' and the last two words are fused. It is also a dotnet, not a dotcom."

The same is true, today, for blogs. Want a good name? You better jump in, right now, and get it, because the good names are not going to be there forever. In fact, they are not going to be there very long at all. Millions of names have already been scooped up. But...if you think you will be satisfied with "Dawgheadpundit37xpf" or "Thelastonetoknowbloggg", go ahead and wait around for the next wake-up call.

Everyone needs help

Last night, I was visiting a particularly gifted digital artist. Over the years, he has been able to create thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of wondrous works of art.

He was telling me about a graphic trick, a shortcut, he had only recently learned...which takes about two seconds to do. Prior to learning this trick, he was doing that same thing longhand, if you will. In other words, instead of two seconds, it might take several minutes. At times, fifteen or more. In a few cases, it would take nearly an hour.

Doing the math, I realized that had he learned this "trick" or shortcut years before, he would have save thousands of hours.

Everyone needs help. No one knows how to do it all. But some people have enough experience that they can prevent you from wasting thousands of hours.

This is one reason why we are creating a blog consultancy. We have the experience to save you thousands of hours, and show you how best to create and maintain your blog at the highest level possible.


So far, we have

  • a Charlotte blog consultant who is an honors graduate of Harvard, and was first included on Who's Who Online in 1996.
  • a Greensboro blog consultant/tech wizard, who is a Senior Systems Engineer and a member of the editorial board of Greensboro101.
  • a Chapel Hill blog consultant/PhD candidate who is one of the pioneers of blog carnivals.
  • a New York blog consultant...who is an honorary Carolinian and whose blog was recently seen on CNN's "Inside Blogs" . She was also notorious for being one of the famous "disinvited bloggers" at the political conventions of '04.
  • We have also recruited the digital artist to help with art and musical needs. Not bad for the first day.

Day two finds us richer still, with the addition of two more excellent seasoned bloggers.

  • Dr. Sue Polinsky, who holds a PhD in Cultural Diversity, is also founder and President of TechTriad, Inc., and is a novelist to boot.
  • Jay Ovittore is a seasoned blogger and one of the first blogmasters in the nation to manage the blog of a member of the House of Representatives.
  • Anton Zuiker holds a Master's Degree from UNC in Medical Journalism, has worked in the Peace Corps, and was the prime mover behind the Triangle Blogger Conference in Chapel Hill. He is the publisher of Zuiker Chronicles Online and The Coconut Wireless, and is involved in the MEASURE Evaluation Project.

There is probably no question that cannot be answered, or problem that cannot be solved by at least one of these gifted giants in the field...whose skills and abilities far exceed the few words I have given them here. I am proud to associate with each and every one, and know that the future of blogging in the Carolinas is in good hands with midwives and merlins such as these.


We are pleased to announce that two other gentlemen have joined our college.

  • Carolina's Blogging Poet Laureate, Idea Consultant, and Organizer, Billy Jones has joined our ranks. Billy was one of the presenters and highlights of the first Blogger Conference in Greensboro, and is the creator af numerous online innovations, among which are his online poems and novels.
  • From the banking and pedagogical world comes Jack who brings to the table decades of experience with numerous computer languages, online instruction, Six Sigma, and the financial world. He was one of the Charlotte constituency at the Triangle Blogger Conference. We are planning on creating online classes blending blogging with other technologies and techniques.

We are hoping to recruit blogmeisters from the fields of Law, Politics, Business, Journalism, Community Services, the Travel Industry, as well as videobloggers, podcasters, wikipediacs, and so on, in order to better cover all the bases not already covered...including geography. At present, we cover the Charlotte-Triad-Triangle area pretty well, but have not tapped the wondrous resources in Asheville, Charleston, Raleigh, Wilmington, Columbia, the Beaches...

When blogtourism catches fire in the Carolinas, it would be nice to have all the locations covered. No Carolina blogger should have to go to another Carolina city and remain a lone stranger. I envision a roving statewide, or regionwide, blog caravanserai. Learn, party, celebrate, raise and spend money...then off to Asheville, where the Biltmore has speakers, music, festivities, lodging, transportation...then off to Charlotte for a seminar in blog banking or business blogging...then to Charleston and the beaches, where History and Oceanography are among the topics. Classes and certificates could be offered. Degrees even...with students also getting a geography lesson by traveling hither and yon. If baseball card traders can do it, so can bloggers.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Alan Kay


South Carolina is now represented, with the addition of Charleston's musical poet-philosopher, Patty Ann Smith. Her work is an inspiration. A beautiful reflection on Charleston and Carolina.
Our wish for a videoblogger came true with the inclusion of the man called Lenslinger, who not only videos like, and as, a pro...he also writes about what he is shooting most excellently as well. Together they become a force.

Roch Smith Jr. is a national, if not an international, phenomenon. He is also a bright and creative blogtrepreneur. The A. C. Blogtivedanta of Blogotopia. The Millard Fillmore of Foozball. Maybe. Either way, we are glad to see him here, in Carolina, blogging, and helping bloggers. Can't wait to hear his ideas on the nexus of blogging and theatre. Blogging as Living Theatre. Holy Theatre. Absurd Theatre.
What can bloggers learn from the likes of Peter Brook, Growtowsky, Robert Wilson, Brustein? Have you ever felt like you were in a Sam Shepard play? So many questions, so little hair. :) (You owe me one!)

And then, from out of the deep jungles of Australia came one Robert Stribley, from whom sprang to life the blog, "Hitched to Everything", which, by now, certainly is. And from the highlands, so to speak, of mountainous North Dakota, I mean Carolina, Asheville, home to Tom Wolfe, Vanderbilts and a feller named Zeek, hails the man they call Screwy, but we all know as Hoolie. And the future Garrison Keillor has joined us in the form of Mister Martin, wordsmith, blogsmith, unwitting provocateur. Life is good and interesting.


Blogger Lenslinger said...

Nonny, I'm in. Get with...

8:59 PM  
Blogger anonyMoses said...

Stew! Quel suprise!
It seems to be taking its sweet time linking you up on that there sidebar thang. And I poured coffee over it! Works for me!

Hey...I have written feature length screenplays, and can probably write shows, being so few words and all. Just dawned on me that a videoproject might be fun, down the road and all. And I should think that a nice edited version of conferences, talks and such might make a great piece of edutainment. If, for example, it became necessary for all Carolinians to be adept at blogging within say, a day, no, a would be almost a necessity that virtual presences acted in our place.

I can also see that a documentary on the Carolina blog scene -- a blogumentary -- would be right up your alley. Seems to me...

Anyway, thanks for accepting the invite. And remember: No matter where you go...there you are.


9:17 PM  
Blogger Screwy Hoolie said...


I'm a Child and Family Therapist, Online Retailer, Internet Counselor, Radio host, Screenwriter, poet, fund-raiser, big-ideas guy, and Blogger.

BA English, Warren Wilson College
MS Counseling, Western Carolina University.

I didn't plan to post my resume here, but the urge came across me like a tire track over a possum.

Thanks for the invitation. I'm open for business. Consult with me at your whim.

5:03 PM  
Blogger KOB said...

Interesting. What are you doing that's different? What's your business value? Carolina only?

11:52 PM  
Blogger anonyMoses said...

Greetings Patrick!
I'm not sure how to answer your question just yet, as we are so new. I'm reminded of what I read about the behavior of native Americans in the old west, who were decentralized...until a problem arose, at which point they would band together to solve it.

I sort of see CBC as being similar to that. Most already have a plateful, but would probably not mind an occasional jogging of the mind to solve a problem or two.

And no, it is not an entirely Carolinian affair. Jude is from New York, and we would also love to have you as another honorary Carolinian. Good minds, always welcome.


11:45 AM  
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