Sunday, July 10, 2005

Socialtext -- Enterprise Social Software

Socialtext Eventspace

Socialtext Eventspace is for conference organizers who want to:
- enhance the reach of the conference beyond the place and time of the event
- improve networking and community for attendees
- provide new opportunities for sponsorship sales

Before the event
- Organizers can collaborate on developing the conference agenda and materials
- People on panels can collaborate synchronously (chat) and asynchronously (wiki) to plan the presentations.

During the event
- Attendees can share their observations with colleagues who aren't at the event by maintaining conference weblogs.
- Attendees and organizers can take meeting notes and post them instantly as resources to others
- Attendees can create bios, with photos and links, making it easier to recognize and meet new people.
- Attendees can easily gather sub-groups: interest groups at meals, rides to airports
- Speakers mention resources during their talks: sites, books, articles, weblogs. These sources can be fact-checked and organized while the speaker is talking.

After the event
- The notes, weblogs, and resources can be organized to provide a persistent record of conference proceedings
- Organizers can build and maintain a glossary of common terms
- Communities fostered at the conference can use online eventspaces to pursue offshoot projects
- Communities can hold focused online events supported by a persistent workspace.


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